Russian Armed Forces Spotted in The Donbass Region: another Russian regular soldier who fought against Ukraine has been identified (PHOTOS)

Russian Armed Forces Spotted in The Donbass Region: another Russian regular soldier who fought against Ukraine has been identified (PHOTOS)

Gigabytes of intra-departmental documentation of one of the illegal armed groups of the so-called “DPR”, namely, the “Republican Guard”, fell into the hands of our volunteers.

An analysis of these materials served to identify the Russian military personnel who, in 2015, was in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region as an “adviser” and directly participated in the organizational and staffing of the aforementioned terrorist entity being formed in accordance with the standards of the Russian Armed Forces. He turned out to be a citizen of the Russian Federation:

IGOR MOKIN, 03.05.1983, a native of Sverdlovsk district, Bukhara region, Uzbekistan, passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation No. 8604741249 issued by the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Kemi of the Republic of Karelia on 07/14/2005, registration address: Republic of Karelia, Kem, 5 Frunze st, apt. 19.

Education – Ulyanovsk Higher Military Technical School named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky. Mobile phone: +7 (928) 105-10-70.

(wife: Arina Mokina, 11.03.1983,
children: Bogdan Mokin and Ilya Mokin)

At the same time, I.A. Mokin is an active member of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, military rank – captain (in 2015), currently serving in military unit No. 12628 – Rostov Region, Zernograd, 80 Shukshina Street. In the Donbass region he used the call sign “Justice”.

As it became known from reliable sources, I.A. Mokin volunteered initiatively to be sent on a “business trip” to the Donbass region. As at the end of 2014, I.A. Mokin had quite serious problems with his mortgage payments. Moreover, the materials of his case were referred to the department of the Federal Bailiff Service (FSSP) of the Russian Federation in the Murmansk region. In order to avoid possible negative consequences, as well as additional earnings in the form of “bonus” for the service in hotspots, I. Mokin hastily hid from the bailiffs in the “DPR”, leaving his wife and 2 young children to their fate.

According to eyewitnesses, in Donetsk this fellow immediately found a common language with the commander of the “RG” Ivan Kondratov, the call sign “Vanya Russky,” since both of them were drinkers. In those years, both of them could often be found in the elite Donetsk tavern “Artemis” on 71a Quiring Street, in the company of ladies of the night.

Moreover, on Mokin’s professional holiday – the Day of Rear of the Russian Armed Forces which is celebrated on August 1, in 2015 the commander of the “RG” “Vanya Russky” presented Mokin with a car for “purely personal” use, namely:

Due to the fact that both of the abovementioned characters felt comprehensive impunity in the territory of the “DPR”, the relevant authorities became interested in them. Subsequently, Mokin was negatively returned to the Russian Federation, while his fellow Kondratov has since been serving his sentence…

Since our foreigner literally did not carry all the tasks of the war that his leadership set for him, he did everything under carbon copy with the help of certain cheat sheets that were stored on a very entertaining flash drive with the access restriction stamp. Before his return to the Russian Federation, Mokin lost this flash drive while being in a drunken stupor, but we found it. The world is definitely not without good people.

Further, we present only a small part of those documents that Mokin “forgot” in Ukraine:

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