Poland's new infrastructure minister meets haulers protesting at Ukraine border
Photo: pap.pl

Poland’s new infrastructure minister meets haulers protesting at Ukraine border

Poland’s new infrastructure minister has held talks with the country’s transport companies over their protest at the border with Ukraine. It is reported by Upmp.news with reference to “Polskie Radio”.

Dariusz Klimczak met with Polish haulers in the eastern city of Lublin on Wednesday, Polish state news agency PAP reported.

Poland’s new Cabinet, led by Donald Tusk, was sworn into office earlier in the day, ending eight years of rule by the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party.

The new infrastructure minister said he had come to Lublin to “hear out Polish transport companies” and discuss “the issues that need to be resolved” to end the dispute between Polish and Ukrainian haulers. 

Klimczak said that in the coming days he would also hold talks with his Ukrainian counterpart and with administrators from the European Union’s executive Commission to seek a solution to the border standoff, the PAP news agency reported.

Polish transport companies have been blocking Poland’s checkpoints with Ukraine since November 6 in protest against the abolition of permits for Ukrainian haulers entering the EU.

Meanwhile, Polish farmers are blocking the Medyka checkpoint with Ukraine, demanding subsidies to maize and state-backed loans amid an influx of Ukrainian grain.  

President Andrzej Duda swore in the new Polish government during a high-profile ceremony in the presidential palace on Wednesday morning.

The swearing-in ceremony came after parliament gave its vote of confidence to Tusk and his team of ministers on Tuesday night.

The new government was formed after a bloc of parties led by Tusk’s liberal Civic Coalition (KO) stormed to power with a strong showing in Poland’s October 15 parliamentary elections.