Poland, Ukraine to strengthen ties with high-level meetings: envoy
Vasyl Zvarych Photo: PAP/Marek Zakrzewski

Poland, Ukraine to strengthen ties with high-level meetings: envoy

Vasyl Zvarych, the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, has highlighted significant upcoming diplomatic engagements between Poland and Ukraine, signaling a further deepening of the strategic partnership between the two nations. It is reported by Upmp.news with reference to “Polskie Radio”.

At the core of these developments is a planned visit to Warsaw by Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal.

The visit, scheduled for the end of March, “is not merely a formal diplomatic gesture but will also include a joint session of the governments of Poland and Ukraine,” Zvarych said.

“This will be a very important format for our relations,” he added.

The ambassador’s remarks came during an interview with Polish state news agency PAP, where he also reflected on the January visit of Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk to Kyiv.

Tusk’s visit, according to Zvarych, marked a “new opening” in Polish-Ukrainian relations and included substantial discussions outlining a plan for joint action between the two countries in the near future.

“We want to talk to each other, implement many good projects, strengthen our strategic partnership, and I believe that this is the right direction,” Zvarych stated.

He added: “We are very grateful to the Polish prime minister that he chose Ukraine for his first official state visit, coming on our Day of Unity.”

Ahead of Shmyhal’s visit to Poland, “a meeting of the commission for economic cooperation” is scheduled, co-chaired by Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk and Polish Development and Technology Minister Krzysztof Hetman, according to Zvarych.

This prelude to the prime ministers’ meeting underscores the multifaceted nature of the bilateral relationship, covering economic cooperation, the defense industry, and security matters, Zvarych said.

In January, the Polish prime minister, after meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart in Kyiv, announced the planned intergovernmental consultations in Warsaw, slated for the second half of March.

Tusk at the time highlighted the importance of preparing for these consultations, particularly in light of ensuring that Polish agricultural producers are not threatened by an uncontrolled influx of agricultural products from Ukraine.

Ongoing talks between Poland and Ukraine focus on revising a foundational agreement on bilateral cooperation. A new treaty on good neighborhood, first mentioned by President Andrzej Duda in May 2022, is currently under negotiation.

The existing treaty, established in 1992, is seen as needing an update to reflect the current dynamics of the bilateral relationship.

“This is a very serious task,” Zvarych said, indicating that a new agreement on cooperation between Ukraine and Poland is in the works.

Zvarych also spoke about the mutual interest in joint production of military materiel, in particular ammunition and military drones.

He declined to provide details when asked if the project could be modeled after Ukraine’s cooperation with Turkish defense company Baykar, which makes the highly effective Bayraktar drone. A manufacturing facility for Bayraktar drones is being built outside Kyiv.

Zvarych revealed plans for an upcoming Polish-Ukrainian defense industry forum, suggesting significant developments in military collaboration.

In addition to these strategic partnerships, Zvarych acknowledged Poland’s support, particularly mentioning a record contract signed in 2022 for the purchase of Krab self-propelled howitzers, which have “performed excellently in the field.”

He told the PAP news agency that these upcoming visits and meetings underscore a pivotal moment in Polish-Ukrainian relations, with both nations keen on reinforcing their strategic partnership through economic cooperation, defense collaboration, and bilateral security agreements.

The focus on shared goals and mutual interests reflects a commitment to not only strengthening bilateral ties but also contributing to regional stability and security, particularly in the face of ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine and the Kremlin’s constant saber-rattling towards its other European neighbours.


Source: PAP