The Polish Vice Prime Minister is concerned about statements by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

The Polish Vice Prime Minister is concerned about statements by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

Piotr Glinsky was concerned by statements of Pavel Rosenko about the conditions for the restoration of search and exhumation works. It is reported by with reference to Polish Radio.

Polish Vice Premier Pyotr Glinsky is concerned about statements made by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rosenko, in which he placed the restoration of search and exhumation work in Ukraine dependent, in particular, on the change in the law on the Institute of National Remembrance, – the statement of the Ministry culture and national heritage of Poland.

These questions “should not be the subject of negotiations in the media,” the statement said.

On Wednesday, February 28, a statement by Vice Premier Pyotr Glinsky on the Polish-Ukrainian talks was posted on the website of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

Vice-President of the Council of Ministers – Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Professor Piotr Glinsky, expresses concern about the latest, cited by mass media statement of Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rosenko. In the statement he puts the restoration of exhumation in Ukraine dependent, in particular, on changes to the law on INP and the restoration of Ukrainian monuments in Poland, as well as the cancel of the entry ban for representatives of Ukrainian institutions”, – the statement reads.

The statement also noted that the commission should agree on issues of memory, in particular those whose legal status is questioned. “The Polish side declared their will to conduct a complete inventory of Ukrainian places of memory in Poland, which will promote their permanent protection. Similarly, it is necessary to start the process of inventory of Polish places of memory in Ukraine”, – said in a message.

The Ministry of Culture emphasized that “the Polish government guarantees that every victim of hostilities and reprisals can expect a decent burial in Poland, as well as a monument at the burial site that the parties agree on during the bilateral talks. Therefore, we should stress once again the full readiness of Poland to cooperate with Ukraine during exhumations.”

The Ministry of Culture of Poland notes that the place of memory is important. “We confirm the readiness to discuss the Ukrainian memory places in Poland and Polish in Ukraine, in particular discussions about their legal status, but there are no practical or formal grounds for linking these cases with the issue of search and exhumation works”, says in the statement.

It is also stressed that at first all the victims of war and political repression must be found and buried. “Only then will we turn to much more complicated questions, to discuss the status and method of symbolic reverence. The reason for the crisis in the relationship is the Ukrainian side’s cooperation in obvious issues of understanding on much more difficult symbolic issues”, – the statement of the Polish department stressed.