Ukrainian and three Turks are accused of organizing the illegal traffic of migrants from Arab countries to the EU. It is reported by with reference to Polish Radio.

Border Guard Service of Poland forwarded the indictment against the members of the international organized criminal group involved in the illegal trafficking in persons from Arab States to Western European countries to the Court. The investigation was the result of the smuggling of people in February last year on the Opole A4 motorway.

As the spokesman of the Silesian Division of the Border Guard Major Katarzhina Valchak reported on Tuesday, January 16, among the accused are citizens of Turkey and Ukraine. According to law enforcement officers, the group illegally transferred from the Balkan countries to the European Union a dozen migrants from Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

The investigation was opened after the border guards from the town of Opole and Ruda Silezka had detained 13 immigrants who had been illegally staying in Poland on the Oleska section of the A4 motorway last February. They traveled in a trailer of a Turkish truck, driven be a Turkish citizen – one of the members of the criminal group.

The indictment was directed against three Turkish citizens and one citizen of Ukraine, who organized the crossing of the state border tof foreigners in contravention of the law.

Another accused (citizens of Syria, Turkey and Iraq) have been charged with illegally crossing the state border. As the investigation found, the group illegally transported in the trailer of a truck several dozens of immigrants from Syria, Turkey and Iraq to the EU countries. Migrants paid Turkish drivers from 4 to 6 thousand euros per person.

The accused in the organization of criminal transfusion of people threatens to 8 years imprisonment.

On February 21, 2017, officers of the Border Service in the Opole Voivodeship stopped two trucks with a Turkish registration. In the cargo of one of the vehicles were 13 foreigners. They were taken to the Border Guard Service in the city of Opole, and the drivers were detained.

In addition to Turkish drivers, seven Syrians, three Iraqis and three Turkish were detained. Among them were three women, five men, three teenagers and two children. None of these persons had documents identifying their personality or nationality.

Turkish trucks transported automobile parts. They entered the territory of Poland across the border with the Czech Republic and traveled to Sweden.