The Ukrainian Institute for the Future analytical center will host a discussion on «The Black Mirror of the Future: Temptations and Dangers». It is reported by with reference to the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

On January 23, at 18:30, a discussion on «The Black Mirror of the Future: Temptation and Danger» will be held at the Ukrainian Institute for the Future Analytical Center.

Discussion participants:

Viktor Andrusov, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Institute for the Future

Oleksiy Zhmerenetsky, coordinator of the discussion club «Kolo»

Oleg Shynkarenko, writer, author of novels «Kagarlyk», «First Ukrainian works» and «Skull».

The main topics for discussion:

Some Ukrainians still dream of returning to the past and do not want to notice that the future has already come. What are the reasons why a part of society dreams of returning to the regime of Stalin or Bandera? How to eliminate destructive nostalgia for the past and prepare Ukraine for the future?

Information to the discussion:

  1. 22% of Ukrainians surveyed by the Sociological Group «Rating» positively refer to Joseph Stalin, 25% to Vladimir Lenin, 26% to Simon Petliura and 35% to Stepan Bandera.

  2. In 2016, Ukrainian publishers issued 2.5 million copies of literary and artistic editions. For comparison: Polish publishers produce over 100 million copies every year. According to the results of a sociological survey conducted by the Public Forum Publishers Forum supported by the European Union’s «Book Platform» program, the number of Ukrainians who have not read a book for a year is 42%, read about one to five books per year – 35% , from 6 to 10 books – 13%, more than 10 books – 10%. For comparison, the number of Americans who do not read at all is only 19%, which is 2.21 times less than in Ukraine.

  3. There is no Nobel laureate who would be born, studied and lived in Ukraine.

  4. Most Ukrainians are still oppose the free sale of land, vaccination against measles and sexual deviations from the norm. The latter causes them an aggressive reaction to violence.

  5. A recent poll on the streets of Zaporizhzhya showed that a significant number of our fellow citizens tend to trust Russian propaganda and do not want to recognize the facts.

  6. The favorite show of the majority of Ukrainians is produced by the comic-corpse «95th Quarter,» where primitive, rough jokes predominate, entirely built on a hate-talk and humiliation of certain social groups.

  7. Surveys show that the majority of Ukrainians will easily agree with the restriction of the rights of people of those categories to which they do not belong: for example, prisoners or national minorities.

  8. In Ukraine there has never been, and there is still no full-fledged public service broadcasting. There is no even the concept of its introduction. Existing public nominees are funded by government or foreign donors. The government is not even able to provide full-fledged funding: this year, the budget for public service broadcasting has been reduced by 50%.

  9. 57% of Ukrainians have never been abroad. Much of them simply do not have the means to travel.

  10. About 30% of our fellow citizens want to leave Ukraine because they believe that they have no prospects here.