Informational “outburst” from Viktor Medvedchuk on “Polish question”, or for who benefits from problems in Polish-Ukrainian relations.

Informational “outburst” from Viktor Medvedchuk on “Polish question”, or for who benefits from problems in Polish-Ukrainian relations.

I do not know how many people noticed that on January 22, 2018, when we jointly celebrated a number of significant dates for the peoples of Ukraine in Poland – the Day of Unity and the 100th anniversary of the UNR, 155th anniversary of the January uprising in 1863, on the Internet, including “Ukrinsky Vybor” web-site the information from Viktor Medvedchuk appeared. According to this information “Poland allegedly has registered in the UN Security Council a draft resolution on the genocide of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War.”

Immediately this information was spread around the world by Russian media resources. I feel like there is a serious probability of the provocative, fake nature of this information. But let the official representatives of Poland and the relevant specialists to confirm or refute this information. I just want to pay special attention to the fact who announces and untwists this information in Ukraine and in the world. We all know the special relations between V. Medvedchuk and the Kremlin and his political orientation. I will not comment it, I just want to say that I am very impressed by the characteristic given to the person and activities of Viktor Medvedchuk by Vitaliy Portnikov in the program “Crimea realities” dated January 19, 2018 (broadcast on 12.10.10, listen and watch the video below, starting from 16.20.20 sec.) in the air of “Radio Liberty”.

But let’s return directly to Viktor Medvedchuk’s information “outburst”… Well, the Kremlin doesn`t want good bilateral relations among Poland and Ukraine in any way!!! .. I am convinced that various kinds of exacerbation and provocation in the Polish-Ukrainian relations, including the historical theme is often strongly initiated by the Kremlin and its agents .. After all, it is the Kremlin who leads hybrid war against Ukraine also using its media and agents in different countries, does its best to keep Ukraine without friends and allies on the international scene…

After such “information” from Mr. Medvedchuk it would be logical that the Kremlin agency in Poland begins to scream and push the diplomatic initiative announced by Medvedchuk, even though the published news are totaly fake or politically incorrect. In addition to the Russian agents there are a lot of “useful idiots” on both sides of the Polish-Ukrainian border. So the “creative idea” of the Kremlin may find its followers.

Anyway I am convinced that all of us will have the common sense to “not be led” to the various provocations and “creative plans” of the Kremlin and to continue to develop good-neighborly Polish-Ukrainian relations and partnership. And to the Kremlin strategists and their agents, who are fomenting and dreaming about the Polish-Ukrainian confrontation and hostility, I have the opportunity to say briefly: “It not going to happen”!!!!