The President believes that Poles and Ukrainians need each other, in order to ensure are strong and secure future of both countries. It is reported by with reference to Polish Radio.

The memory of crimes obliges us to maintain the past on a solid foundation of truth, not falsehood, oblivion, displacement,” wrote the President of Poland Andrzej Duda in a letter to the participants of the mournful events on the anniversary of the crime in Guta-Pienjacki in the Lviv region. He added that Poland and Ukraine “need each other in order for both countries to be strong and secure”.

On February 28, 1944, according to a number of Polish historians, Ukrainian nationalists killed more than 850 inhabitants of this village. On the other hand, to as the Historical Truth portal informs, “According to the documents of the Polish Archives of New Acts, the village was burned by a unit of the German secret police field” (HFP).”

During Sunday celebrations on the 74th anniversary of the crime in Guta-Pienjacki, the State Secretary at the Office of the President of Poland Adam Kwiatkowski read a letter from President Andrzej Duda to the participants of the event.

The President of Poland drew attention to the fact that the crime committed 74 years ago resulted in the death of about a thousand innocent people.

We meet now in a place where 74 years ago, during one day, a large, full-fledged village life, turned into a dead net. The crime of genocide committed by Ukrainian soldiers and policemen in the service of Hitler’s Third Reich and Ukrainian nationalists led to the destruction of about a thousand people, Polish residents of Gut-Pienyatskaya, and Jews and fugitives from other areas of Volyn and Podilly, which they hid,”said Andrzej Dud.

The innocent death, caused only by the fact that they were Poles, scares with gross cruelty,” added the president. According to Andrzej Duda, no one should forget about the crime in Guta-Pienjacki and turn his eyes on it. “We, the modern Poles, are guilty of our murdered compatriots. But this is also our duty to our descendants: to remember and draw conclusions,” the president said.

The memory of the accomplished here also makes us obey the past on the firm foundation of truth, and not falsehood, oblivion and displacement. We, Poles, want good relations with Ukrainians “, – the letter says.

Our peoples need each other so that both our states are strong and secure,” he stressed. “Therefore, we also need the memory and the truth about what happened here on February 28, 1944, so that nothing like that ever happened again and that our relations were supported by strong positions and mutual trust,” said Andrzej Duda.