Antoni Matzerevich emphasized on Putin's hypocrisy and illusion of his policy

Antoni Matzerevich emphasized on Putin’s hypocrisy and illusion of his policy

The former defense minister said that Putin uses the policy of returning to “traditional values” for his imperial conquests. It is reported by with reference to Polish Radio.

Vice-President of the Law and Justice party, former Polish national defense minister Antoni Mazieriewicz, speaking at the Catholic University of America (CUA), said NATO was an alliance based on the system of Christian values.

Speaking about the threats to the unity of the North Atlantic Alliance, on the one hand, Antoni Mazieriewicz emphasized secularization, as he said in the “death culture” in the West of Europe, and on the other hand, on the realistic, concrete military threat posed by Russia’s aggressive policy towards its neighbors, such as Georgia and Ukraine

Therefore, it is necessary to show the common interests in these states, which in fact are in danger: from South Korea to Israel and Poland. As the politician said, we must understand that our interests are common and they need to be jointly defended.

Antoni Mazieriewicz drew attention to the hypocrisy of Putin’s policy of returning to “traditional values”.

This ia a deception, all this is false and has nothing to do with the truth. King Alexandr I also emphasized the “traditional values” of protecting Orthodoxy to justify their imperial conquests. Now Putin announces the return to “traditional values,” supporting one of the most brutal dictators in the modern world, such as Bashar al-Assad,” said Antoni Mazieriewicz.