People hold tied Polish, right, and Ukrainian flags during a demonstration supporting the opposition movement in Ukraine, in Warsaw, Poland, Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014. A top Ukrainian opposition figure assumed presidential powers Sunday, plunging Ukraine into new uncertainty after a deadly political standoff – and boosting long-jailed Yulia Tymoshenko’s chances at a return to power. The whereabouts and legitimacy of President Viktor Yanukovych are unclear after he left the capital for his support base in eastern Ukraine. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)


Every fifth employer in Poland declares a willingness to hire an employee from the East. After January 1, 2018, they will be significantly simplified. From now on, the workers will be able to work legally twice as long as the previous year. It is reported by Upmp.news with the reference to the official page money.pl.

Employers who plan to recruit workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, or Russia from January 1 will have to pay for the registration of their application. Despite the introduction of fees, experts predict that new rules, which in particular will increase the ability of Ukrainians to work in Poland by 50% (from 6 to 9 months), will be a significant improvement. Moreover, according to forecasts for this year, the number of Ukrainian workers in Poland will exceed 2 million.

According to the “Personnel Service” report “Immigration Barometer” every fifth Polish company wants to hire employees from eastern countries. Counting only large enterprises, this indicator is already reaching 42 percent.

New kind of permissions

Among the novelties in the documents is the introduction of a new type of document, – a permit for seasonal work, which will be applied mainly in agriculture and tourism. From January 1, Starosta will be responsible issuance of those permits. Due to this permission, Polish employers will be able to legally hire foreigners for 9 months of seasonal work throughout the year. Previously, this term was defined as 6 months. The same document will allow a foreigner to perform work other than seasonal activities, but only for a period not exceeding 30 days during the validity period of the permit.


Starosta issues a permit for seasonal work to foreigners if two conditions are met: the salary is at least equal to salary provided to other employees in the equivalent position and the proof that employment the employee of the local labor market is impossible is provided.

– Such provision gives privilege to Polish employees who must be hired in the first place. It is worth remembering, however, that economic immigration, which we now have in Poland, is also complementary, not substitute. This means that foreigners fill their vacancies where the Poles are simply absent, says Krzysztof Inglot, the president of the staffing service.


In addition to the seasonal work permit, the employer will be able to use the existing procedure of applying for employment of citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova or Russia. Then foreigners can work legally for 6 months within 1 year. For registration, the employer will have to pay 30 zlotys.

Starostas will be able to refuse to register applications if there is a suspicion that the employer has filed a fictitious application or when he was punished for violations of labor laws, does not pay taxes or social insurance contributions.

Better control over the employment of the foreigners

The new rules will allow better control of employers’ claims. First of all, firms will have to inform whether a foreigner who arrived to Poland under a simplified procedure actually took a job. This is an additional administrative step, which allows accurately analyze the number of foreigners who actually work in Poland.