The President of Poland expects from Ukraine specific steps toward the exhumations process

The President of Poland expects from Ukraine specific steps toward the exhumations process

According to the President Office, Andrzej Duda expects the Ukrainian side to take specific steps in this matter. It is reported by with reference to Polish radio.

The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, hopes that the agreed arrangements for exhumations of the remains of Polish victims of wars and conflicts in the territory of Ukraine will be made. This was announced on Monday, February 19, by Pavel Mukha, Vice-President of the Presidential Office of Poland.

On Friday, February 16, at the Royal Lakes in Warsaw, Vice Prime Minister, Minister of Culture Professor Pyotr Glinsky met with the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavel Rosenko. The officials from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland after the meeting said that it is necessary to continue the negotiations in order to create conditions for conducting search and exhumations, as well as legalizing places of memory on the territory of Ukraine and Poland.

On Saturday, Andrzej Duda said that with great sadness and disappointment he perceived the information that the Ukrainian side had not discussed the issues of exhumations during the meeting of the Vice Premieres of both countries.

Pavel Mukha, on TVP Info TV channel, stressed that President Andrzej Duda hopes that specific steps will be taken in accordance with the agreements between him and the President of Ukraine. “We believe that this statement, the words of the President as well as the statement of the Presidential Office, will be noted, accepted by the Ukrainian side and, of course, we pay attention of our Ukrainian partners to this issue,” the minister emphasized.

Pavel Mukha drew attention to the fact that Andrzej Duda’s recent visit to Lithuania gave very positive results and improved the Polish-Lithuanian relations. He expressed the hope that this would be the case for Ukraine. “This Polish-Ukrainian dialogue should also be conducted in a balanced and prudent manner. However, we take an unambiguous position if we consider some things inappropriate,” he said.