Ukrainian woman at the border tried to give a bribe to the Polish border guard.

It is reported by with the reference to the official site of the Polish Radio.

As it became known, on December 26, took place an incident with a 25-year-old Ukrainian, who tried to bribe the employee of the Border Guard Service of Poland in order to pass faster the border control at the Polish-Ukrainian check-point.

The woman was in a hurry to go home for holidays and she exceeded the time allowed for her stay in Germany, where she had worked. Ukrainian woman was on her way to Kiev from Bonn, where she worked as a maid. This was reported by Elzhbieta Picor, the spokeswoman of the Border Guard Service in Przemysl.

During the control it turned out that she has exceeded the time of her stay in Germany. An employee of the Border Guard Service informed her of a violation of the rules of the Schengen zone Code concerning deportation. Then the woman tried to give him 175 euros, claiming that she was hurrying home for holidays,” said Picor.

The criminal prosecution and the procedure related to the issuance of the decision on the obligation to return and the prohibition of entry Poland for the three-year term is opened against the woman.

This is not a single case at the Polish-Ukrainian border during the festive week, due to the exceeding of the period of stay in the EU states (the maximum length of stay is 90 days within six months).

A 27-year-old Ukrainian who exceeded the term of staying in the territory of the Schengen area for 1189 days became “the record holder”. The man was punished with a fine and deported back to Ukraine. In addition, he was banned from entering Poland and the Schengen zone for one year.