The flash mob #ГолосДонбасса (Voice of Donbass) is gaining popularity in Ukraine

The flash mob #ГолосДонбасса (Voice of Donbass) is gaining popularity in Ukraine

The flash mob #ГолосДонбасса (Voice of Donbass) is gaining popularity in Ukraine, which invovlves appeals of residents of the East of Ukraine who were forced to leave their cities, to abandon their homes due to Russian aggression in 2014.

All appeals were recorded in Russian, in addition, participants emphasized that they are fluent in Russian both in 2019 and until 2014 throughout Ukraine. This once again shows the far-fetchedness of the myth – the “oppression of Russian-speaking citizens” that Russia has been benefitting from for about 30 years now.

Many countries are familiar with the wording “protection of the Russian-speaking population”: Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria, Ossetia, Georgia, Chechnya and, unfortunately, Ukraine. But you need to clearly understand that the protection of Russian speaking people is viewed by Russia solely through hostile acts, the establishment of its gang-terrorist groups to head the occupied territories.

If you take a closer look at the processes in Catalonia, Paris and other hot spots in Europe, you will certainly see traces of Russian Internet bots. The Russian media propaganda machine on the Internet is aimed at stoking tension between people which leads to hatred and violence !!! They share no common goals with the protesters; the Russian botofarm is targeted at chaos and disorder. The special services of the EU countries have repeatedly stated about the Russian intervention in social networks. No wonder, “the most influential man in the world” V. Putin denies any involvement in these heinous atrocities, laughs it off and plays coy.

The same thing applies to the Ukrainian Crimea and Donbass. With over 15,000 casualties we get the following response: militia forces are the ones to blame, Russia has nothing to do with it, the referendum is organized by local residents etc. The blatant lies of the Russian authorities remain unpunished. Ukraine has gathered enough evidence and submitted it to the international court in The Hague.

The strongest antidote in this case is civic initiatives that neutralize the lies that Russian Federation`s propaganda spreads.

Believe me, the Ukrainian Donbass is having it rough right now, every day a person dies in those places, every mother prays that it would not be her son.

It is sad. Let’s help the people of the East of Ukraine in their desire to stay in their country and get rid of the Russian horde.

Let`s support the civil initiative of the Ukrainians, record a video message to Putin and show that we are against Russian aggression.

Record a video and add the following hashtags:

#ГолосДонбасса; #Ихтамнет, #российскаяагрессия

#Voice_of_Donbass #Russian_aggression #Donbass’s voice