The Ukrainian national team impressively won Latvia at the away match

The Ukrainian national team impressively won Latvia at the away match

Ukraine’s team confidently won Latvia’s in the away match of the first stage of the qualification of the 2019 World Championship. It is reported by with reference to

Latvia – Ukraine – 68:82 (13:24, 17:16, 22:19, 16:23)

Latvia: Blooms 24 + 1pd, 7pr; Meyers 17 + 6pd, 1pc.

Ukraine: Kravtsov 22 + 13pd + 2pr; Jeter 20 + 5pc

Match statistics.

The match

The Ukrainians won the ball and Kravtsov scuffled under the ring of the opponent and opened an account. Latvians in return have lost the ball already near our ring. The guests beat the hosts at the second pace and Gladir was to throw out, but he knocked it off because of the arc.

However, we continued to dominate at the speed. A quick attack through Jetter ended with a pass forward on Konev, who effectively jammed. Starting breakaway is after us – 9: 0. Latvians took a time out.

Subsequently, the owners managed to break through effectively to our ring, and then kill one of their branded triples. However, Ukrainians didn`t allow Latvians to intercept the initiative. We won the first quarter with 11 points.

In the second 10 minutes the Latvians tried to add aggression. For a certain time, it allowed them to reduce the difference to seven points. And again Ukrainians didn`t allow more. When they couldn`t finish the attack immediately Kravtsov did an offensive rebound, challenged the defense of the Latvian team and completed the case. At the end of the quarter Mishula threw an important triple from the corner, after the hosts effectively intercepted the ball and realized a sharp gap. However, Mishula did not allow the owners to catch a courage.

Having completed the first half Kravtsov, once again scattered rivals under the shield. So after the first half we had 10 points of advantage. The key factors were the advantage of Ukraine’s team in implementing the two (77.78% – 27.78%) and a rebound (23 – 17).

With the resumption of the game, the Latvians tried to shake our defense at a speed. One quick attack with the final dank passed. But then Zaitsev did a lay up. For equal struggle after half of the third quarter we were ahead of 10 points. Once again our team failed to hold on Blums, and he threw already the 5th tripple of eight. Again, Mishula made an equally important answer. The hosts again made a quick and effective attack. After that, our coaching staff was right to take a time out. Still, more active Latvians until the final quarter reduced the overall difference to 7 points.

In the beginning of the fourth quarter, Latvians started to make more mistakes in the attack. Instead, they showed more blocks in the deffence. So Ukrainians turned the difference to 11 points at 6:40 until the end of the playing time by a successful free throw. In four minutes the Latvians attempted to enter the decisive spurt. But after the first successful attack, they failed the second and in response, Jeter shot the ring of hosts from the arc. Gradually our advantage was up to 16 points at 1:40 until the end of the playing time. As a result, the Latvians did not have neither strength nor emotions to complete the struggle. The spectators began to leave the stands on time.

Ukrainian national team won 14 points with a 14-point lead.

Heroes of the match

Captain of the team Kravtsov made a double-double, constantly loaded the protection of the hosts under their shields. Jeter played with the traditional two dozen points. Mishula realized three long throws of six. And all scored at the most urgent moment.

Next matches

The next match of the Ukrainian national team is to be played on February 26 in Kiev against Sweden. Latvians play the same day at home against Turkey.